Friday, September 28, 2012

False Start

I created this blog about 3 weeks ago and then forgot about it. Actually, anything computer/tech takes me so much longer than it should, because my blurry vision [cataracts, which I'm having surgery for in 4-5 months] makes me lose patience with trying to figure out the constant changes everywhere. Anyway, I need to have an outlet to write about author things besides my paranormal blog, which is mostly for readers. It's my intention to keep this blog going. [Remind me I said that.]


  1. Hi Lynda
    You can pre-schedule post. Write several post, even a month worth if you like, when you're done writing them and labeling, there is a link on the side that says, schedule. You can set the date and time that the post will appear and it will do that. Then all you need to do is come in, tweet it and put it on facebook or any other social media you want. Always answer comments.

    Another thing that a writer has told me is in the verification that you have attached to your comments. If someone reads you on their i-phone, they won't be able to leave a comment because it messes up the phone. Leaves a bunch of computer program symbols. Best to take that off.

    Other than than, well, the computer wizard is on vacation and I don't know.

  2. Yikes, Nancy. I'm lucky to get one post written! I really don't know about scheduling them in advance. And I didn't know there was a particular verification on my comments. See what I mean about everything taking so long?!!