Friday, September 28, 2012

I need an assistant!

Updated Sunday, Sept. 30, after speaking with my previous VA. She and I are going to be brainstorming about my goals [which I was very vague about in the past because I didn't KNOW what my goals were] and she'll be handling some of my assistant needs. And I'm still looking for local help.

I'm looking forward to attending the Novelists, Inc. conference in late October for many reasons. The fact that we'll be discussing "team building," and hiring virtual assistants is icing on the cake.

I have avoided trying to find an actual assistant who lives close by because I expect they will have to charge reasonable fees by the hour. Like I do for my psychotherapy services. But my budget is limited and I can't afford that.

On the other hand, many many things I need to do aren't getting done because I don't have the time, computer savvy and patience to do them.

So, I'm going to try to find someone who lives near enough to come over perhaps every other week for a couple of hours so we can work in-person and brainstorm, and all the rest of the time she'll work from home.

Here are some of the things I'd like my assistant to do for me:

Be computer/online savvy, be someone I can call with all my "I screwed up" computer questions.
Attend some local book signings and appearances with me.
Post updates [that I will write or suggest] on my FB author pages.
Send regular Twitter posts [which I'll suggest] daily.
Contact blog and website owners to arrange guest dates for me.
Contact bookstore owners to arrange signings for me.
Write promo copy, blurbs.
Be on the alert for other promo opportunities for me.
Seek out reviewers for my books/stories.
Talk me and my books up on various sites and chats.
Write/send press releases as needed.
Write and send newsletter [I have one that I've done nothing with].
Contact other paranormal authors on my behalf to create joint promo opps and or perhaps start a shared blog.
Help me with my calendar, remind me I have blog posts due and suggest topics.
Do all the tech stuff I don't want to do [really, I have no interest, time, patience for what some other authors love doing].

I know that's not all, but you get the idea. To be amended as we go along.

I want someone who is creative, talented, online/computer savvy, and availabe. Someone who knows way more about computers than I do and a fair bit about publishing.

It sounds like a lot, but we'd have to settle on a number of hours [small] per week to start. If she's worth her weight in gold, I'll take out a loan! LOL

If I need to find a separate computer person, and then another assistant for all the other aspects, I'm happy to do that.

Virtual/Author Assistants are a hot topic these days. Something for an enterprising, talented person to consider getting into. If you think you'd be interested in helping me with my writing/publishing career, I'd like to talk to you.



  1. That sounds like a neat job!

    I don't have experience working an assistant job but if you're willing to give me some training, my email is relianabel (at) gmail (dot) com.


  2. Hi, Eliana: I probably don't have time to train someone, but thanks so much for replying!

  3. Hi Lynda
    Interesting. I hadn't thought about the need for an assistant, but then I'm not working. My daughter does my formatting. I'd offer but I don't meet all the criteria and I'm published. Love your idea about compiling stories.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Yes, the needs for assistants is skyrocketing. It would be a great business for a non-author to get into. I'm so glad you're promoting yourself and taking care of business! It's great when people have relatives who are savvy and can help.

  4. Hi!
    I'm your answer! Very tech savvy, worked in publishing before (Editorial assistant to Journal of Pediatrics Doctor) live in Boulder, references from my clients, etc.
    Sara Conrad
    Ready to work starting yesterday..

    1. Sara: contact me at my email address:

  5. My friend, Cynthia Barnes, told me about your post. She's amazing.

  6. You might have to check in your spam folder. Aol has problems sometimes. Email will be from